ATA BOZACI – Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

November 22, 2015
ATA BOZACI – Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

„Fifteen Seconds of Fame“ is an allusion to the selfie era, in which anyone and everyone can secure the admiration of a world community with two clicks. Ata Bozaci has used for the first time pure digital tools and thus created a portrait series of personalities from around the world. This book is a composite of his digital portraits of Facebook friends – with a grinning macaque monkey thrown in for good measure – along with their views on social media. His portraits emphasize an iconic aspect of social media culture, the portrait photographs serving as user profile pictures on social media sites. Using full-frontal portrait shots to focus on his subjects’ facial features, the artist has successfully assembled a gallery of faces, or quite literally, a „face book“.


Thursday, November 26, 18:00
NEO, Europaallee 47, 8004 Zürich


Limited Edition of 333
Hardcover 24 x 28 cm, 148 pages
CHF 90.–