3D tour through Artstübli's 'COLORFUL FRUITS - Philipp Tschanz & Pietro Del Sonno'

3D tour:



Since 1989 Dest (born 1971) and g204 (born 1967) have been writing the name TCC - The Color Children. Together with Ashe and Endo, the two are the founding fathers of this original writer crew of Basel, who experienced the hip-hop subculture, breakdancing, DJing and graffiti writing at the famous Basel Line and worldwide at first hand. To this day, both sign their works with the crew’s name. Philipp Tschanz aka Dest Jones sketched his first graffitis at the age of 11 and was one of the first to spray on the railway line in 1987. Pietro Del Sonno alias g204 had his first experience with graffiti writing in Basel as early as 1982, is now a freelance artist and is known for his Fasnacht exhibitions. Both artists are among the pioneers of this art movement.


The Artstübli Gallery presents the fruits of their 30 years of work and provides a documentary look at their artistic career. Fruits show an amazing variety of colors, shapes, and surfaces. These marvels of nature are simple, ordinary, and yet aesthetically rich. Based on the motto - "We are all fruits from the tree of life." The time is ripe, so let’s enjoy!


Art Basel Event: Saturday, September 25th 2021, 2 – 10 pm
Finissage: Saturday, October 23rd 2021, 2 – 6 pm

In the presence of the artists


Location: Artstübli, Steinentorberg 28, Basel


Opening hours:

Thursday/Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 2 – 6 pm

September 15, 2021