Glenfiddich has partnered with renowned contemporary Swiss artist, Simon Berger, to reimagine their Grande Couronne 26 Year Old whisky with a limited-edition design.
Just five unique glass artworks have been crafted worldwide and will be available exclusively at Whisky Auctioneer from 24 September - 4 October 2021.
Grande Couronne is the crowning glory of Glenfiddich’s Grand Series, whiskies which celebrate the merging of two worlds coming together. This unique collaboration delves into the colliding forces of art and whisky together with glass portrait pioneer Simon Berger:

„I took my inspiration from the history of Glenfiddich and aligned it with their current values. They always approach things in their very own way, which held huge appeal and resonated with me. I have developed my own art form, my own language to express myself to the world. My voice are portraits, hammered into glass".

Making of Movie and Interview with Simon Berger (Youtube)

September 25, 2021