Bahnhofstrasse 25 (Zurich, Switzerland) was celebrating the Vernissage of Simon Berger’s first collaboration with Bulgari in the freshly renewed store in Zurich: Serpenti by Simon Berger.


“I was inspired by the atmosphere and architecture of Bahnhofsstrasse, as well as the iconic collection of the brand, Serpenti. The old architecture and the fast-moving business hustle and bustle create an exciting contrast.“ Simon Berger


Simon reinterprets the Serpenti icon on three of the external windows of the new store. On the side of the Boutique, guests and journalists discovered two breath taking portraits of Bulgari’s ambassadors for Switzerland: Christa Rigozzi and Kevin Lütolf.


"BULGARI is a Famiglia, a passion, an elegance, Benfatto for me. As BULGARI Swiss ambassador I'm delighted to be represented on the windows of the Boutique in Zurich by Simon Berger, a master glass maker. I'm so proud and excited about it!" Christa Rigozzi


SF TV Report


Juni 2, 2022