4 - 13 May 2023

Opening: 4 May, 6 pm

Exhibition: 4 – 13 May, 2023

A warm invitation to the opening of the exhibition «Fuzzy little patches» by Linda Wunderlin.
We are pleased that Linda Wunderlin will show a selection of works from her long-term research on Schweizerhalle, consisting of a spatial installation and five video works inside the Artstübli exhibition space.

„You go to Schweizerhalle and look at its buildings, production facilities, warehouses, parking lots, its pipes, tanks, chimneys and pipelines. Their ecstasies radiate into the space where you are, the objects communicate. One experiences a dense atmosphere, but because one is a stranger here, not knowing the objects, they cannot be classified, the signs cannot be directly decoded. What space, what atmosphere is being produced here, what is being communicated?

What I see are complex structures. I quickly lose the overview, am confused by the many lines that follow their own logic, which I cannot comprehend. I don't understand their function, their usefulness remains elusive to me. But I am particularly interested in their aesthetics, their sculptural qualities. I understand this language. The patterns produced by the stacked groups of pipes, the drawings produced by the rust on the tanks, the shapes formed by the connecting pipes, the repetition of the flights of stairs on the facade - all these fascinating elements, they produce the most incredible images and sculptures. I want to photograph them, draw them, recreate them, recombine them, appropriate and expand them. They are unconscious sculptural situations.“ – Excerpt from a text by Linda Wunderlin about her work

Linda Wunderlin (*1982) works in Basel. Spaces form the central theme of her work: Using different media, she investigates the interplay of objects, bodies and places and how atmospheres are produced with material, design and planning. Through theoretical research and empirical fieldwork she collects, collates what she has found and expands existing reality with speculations and utopias in the form of sculptures, installations and video works. Currently she is engaged in a long-term project with the industrial area Schweizerhalle and tries to get to the bottom of its reality.

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Thursday – Friday: 11 am – 6 pm

Saturday: 2 – 6 pm

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