ARTYOU ready?

The start of a new exhibition concept which celebrates art, culinary and entertainment. Experiences as a spatial installation, where visitors and invited guests can integrate and interact. Artists are curated for each division by personalities and collectives, with the motivation that the events themselves become a "work of art". Be curious and become part of it… Artyou ready?


Far away from the classic openings, Artstübli will in future offer creative experiences under the location label "ARTYOU" at Steinentorberg 28, which combine art/culinary/performance and present the exhibition and project space in a new flexible setting (equipment/furniture/lighting). Depending on the theme, the space becomes an overall installation, wherein visitors and guests can also interact and integrate. Curated by personalities/collectives from each sector, who bring/generate their network. We welcome Raphael Reichert (picture) as a new member of the team, who will contribute as an art and culture manager. The transformation testifies to a close collaboration of art venues, institutions and research projects in Basel, with the aim of making Basel's diverse and colorful art and cultural landscape visible and interconnected.


October to November 2022 - ARTYOU ready?
Artists from all over the world forms the start of the Artyou reconceptualization. How do "Artists" apply to be allowed to exhibit? Is art still art? Who is called a deserving artist nowadays and how do you present yourself and stand out? The transformation of the location will also be opened/christened/celebrated with a public event on November 12.

October 31, 2022