Gallotti&Radice x Simon Berger

Unbreakable Identities
Starting June 6th, for three weeks, Gallotti&Radice’s Flagship store Milan (in collaboration with Salvioni Design Solutions) will transform into an art gallery displaying an exclusive exhibition that celebrates glass as a work of art. This exhibition aims to bring out the soul of glass, a material that has always been part of the historical legacy of Gallotti&Radice, which was famously funded in 1955 as an artistic space dedicated to glass decoration. Through Simon Berger’s art, simple glass plates come alive thanks to the blows of his hammer, revealing portraits of women.

Once again, Gallotti&Radice’s ability to experiment and innovate has been able to transport this wonderful technique to the top of a table, suggesting the transformation of a simple piece of furniture into a work of art. A limited collection of 10 nonreplicable pieces, called Unbreakable Identities, which is aimed to a contemporary art-loving public.

The exhibition hosts seven magnificent pieces by this talented artist and glass master, from the splendid face positioned in the window to the two suggestive internal profiles, to an intense detail of an eye accompanied by two portraits more contained in size. The undisputed protagonist, however, is the table: Unbreakable Identities.

Represented and coordinated by
Artstübli Gallery, Basel
June 26, 2022