Philipp Brogli


Basel's urban art scene’s undisputed hub is Philipp’s gallery, Artstübli. Since 2004, Artstübli has been the epitome of Philipp’s passion: urban art and culture from graffiti to street art in all its facets. What began as an platform for like-minded people soon became an online magazine. Driven by its success and encouraged by the contact with a multitude of new artists*, Philipp organised the first edition of "Artyou", the Swiss urban art exhibition, in 2006. At the same time, he caused quite a stir as curator of the exhibition series "Artyou Selection". In 2014, Artstübli moved into its new home in the Markthalle. Philipp’s goal is to make non-places visible and stage their transformation into radiant gems.


Since 2022, events of installative, culinary and performative arts are presented under the labels ARTYOU Installation, ARTYOU Culinary and ARTYOU Performance, which are no longer exclusively in the context of urban art. The transformation is also intended to specifically contribute to networking among the respective participating art and culture professionals, art venues, institutions and research projects.