Simon Berger – We Are Unbreakable

The August 4th, 2020 explosion in Lebanon was one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. It ripped through the heart of Beirut and not only broke windows, buildings, businesses and homes, killing over 200 people - it left thousands of families and dreams in pieces. People had to pick up the rubble and piece some sense back into their lives, with no answers or feeling of accountability. But one thing remained unbroken: people’s indestructible will to get to the bottom of the unbroken truth about what happened.


A year after the August 4th explosion in Beirut, TBWA\Raad in collaboration with MTV Lebanon and Swiss artist Simon Berger launched the #WeAreUnbreakable campaign depicting victims in glass form, to utter a loud and clear scream for the truth, for justice. 


Simon spent ten days in Lebanon creating the portraits using the force of his hammer onto sheets of glass recycled from the explosion.


More about the campaign here:

Photo by Steve Kozman

August 6, 2021