"With the engineered profile pictures he creates his own "Face Book" and brings the digital world back on paper and into reality."

Ata Bozaci (* 3 March 1974 in Burgdorf BE) is a Swiss graphic designer, illustrator and artist. His works include drawings, paintings, digital graphics, large-scale wall designs and modular sculptures. From 1990 to 2012, his work was mainly dedicated to graffiti writing; his graffiti works are known under the pseudonym Toast. In his more recent, digital works, the focus is on people.

An artist and graffiti writer since the movement took its roots, he created a series of works under the working title "Fifteen seconds of fame". With his work, Bozaci addresses the display of our personality in social networks and the rapid progress of networking through the internet. With his technicised profile pictures, he creates his own "face book", bringing the digital world back onto paper and into reality.